Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm Tucker the cat and I love to be petted.

I'm a Golden Retriever floating in my pool.

I'm a little Yorkshire puppy.

I'm a Shih Tzu

My bark is worse than my overbite.

I'm a Sheepdog.

I'm a Jack Russell Terrier.

I'm an aristocratic pug.

I'm a little pug puppy.

I wouldn't sit still for the photo so I had to be held.

I'm a Pomeranean.

I'm a cute little Beagle puppy named Peanut

I'm a sweet little SheetZu.

I'm a Labrador and I'm tired.

Just another Connecticut Huskey fan

I'm a rescued Greyhound.

I'm a little bit of this--a little bit of that.

I'm half Poodle and I love my chair.

I'm a Shepherd mix and I love pink.

I'm a bulldog and I'm the Yale Mascot.